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How To Select An SEO Company

How to choose an SEO companyNot all SEO companies are made the same. If you’re looking for a company that’s going to promote your specific business, ask around. It doesn’t have to be a local company. It doesn’t have to be someone that’s going to come sit down and review it in person with you. But you should always ask them for their group of customers. Ask them for the list of companies that they’ve already worked with. Try to look for companies which are in your specific niche. Because oftentimes when these SEO companies, they go out and they get links for website, it often depends on the niche that you’re in.
It’s a bit complicated to explain, but I can give you an example. It’s a company that is very good at promoting Software as a Service. If they’ve promoted companies which are in this specific niche, they probably have contacts with news websites, with forums, with blogs, and with other infinite properties which are also in that niche.

They will be able to go to these specific sources which they’ve used in the past to promote your company which is also a Software as a Service company. Use common sense. Ask around. Whenever you find a company that is a company name, do your due diligence.

Enter their name in Google. Enter it in quotes so they appear first, and try to look in places not just web results. But also try to look in the discussions. Because oftentimes when people talk about websites and they’re basically venting their frustrations, instead of using a news website they’re going to be talking about it on forums.

They’re going to say XYZ company was crap, or XYZ company was actually very good. Ask people around in your network as well, and see what type of service they provide. They should tell you that they’re not just going to be working outside of your website.

What I mean by that is an SEO company approaches you. They tell you, “OK. You’ve got this website. Everything is created. We’re just going to take care of it. We’re not going to touch your actual website. We’re going to do everything on the outside.” It’s most probably a sign that the company’s not going to do a good job.

If someone comes in and they’re doing SEO for your website, most of the time they require doing changes to your website. Some people are a bit touchy about that. “Oh, I don’t want them touching it. It’s perfect.” It’s actually not the case.

They’re going to be optimizing your h1 tags. They’re going to be optimizing your title tags. They’re maybe sprinkling additional keywords around your articles. They’re going to be writing new content for your website. They may be even doing things like creating small applications on your website or writing these ultra-detailed articles, which are also known as link bait. Those are the type of articles that people want to link to. It’s so informative. It’s so well written that people will actually want to link to that content on your website.

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