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You need clients you want more business than you reached the right place. Meet Buddy Biz he takes care of all your Google My Business listing.  He optimizes your listing so people that are looking for your services see your business first.

The 3 step process.

We discuss with you your project to create a smooth experience and a visual extension of your brand.

We create an layout on our server then present it to you.

Once approved we take  your payment and complete your project. 

Google My Business Optimization

In order to enjoy success with your business online, it is important to ensure that your website – the gateway to your business – outsmarts your competition, if you are a local business, Google My Business optimization is your ticket.  

87% of prospects looking for a local service company will call the first business on Google My Business.

Google My Business SEO
Google Business Listing SEO

We help our client’s grow their business through strategic search engine marketing.

Google My Business (GMB) is a service from Google that offers a platform for advertising, marketing and promoting websites. Google My Business results appear alongside the results of a normal Google search. This enables the search results of your business come with additional and better information. This  includes a physical location of your business displayed on Google maps. Some of other vital information it lists include the business name, the products and service you offer, your contact details, hours of business and so on. It’s free from Google and no fees are needed to have your business on Google My Business. It is important you learn what ‘Google My Business’ is.

Initially, Google My Business was known as Google Local Business center. However, in order to streamline it’s importance, Google renamed it as Google places and then Google My Business. This is because after restructuring it, it could connect listings better to their respective physical places.

But what is Google My Business Optimization?

Also referred to as Google My Business SEO, it is the practice of making your website (or a listing containing your website) rank better in the Google My Business search results. With better Google My Business SEO, you are assured that your listing will pop up first and on the top of the first page of the search results.

Statistics show that 46% of all the searches on Google are local. We combine your optimization with local SEO to make sure that your website is visible to people who matter. These are the people near your business who have a high probability of visiting your physical business. They are people who are not only interested in information on your website but also in the products and services you sell.

Have you claimed your business on Google My Business yet?

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How is ‘Google My Business Optimization’ important for your business

How this is important cannot be explained better than saying, it ensures that customers searching for products and services you and other similar business like yours deal with will click on what appears at the top of the search result listing. If then what appears at the top of the search results is your listing, you win the customer to your side. In addition, the principles of search engines is that; the better a website ranks, the more it gets visited. High traffic means better ranks in future similar searches from any search engine. But to actuate this chain of benefits on your websites, start by optimizing Google places.

In a survey, 89% of the participants said the search for local businesses on their smart phones at least once a week. 58% of the participants said that they search for local businesses at least once in a day on their mobile phone. With such statistics, it is important that you are where your potential customers are searching. You want to top a list because this not only gives you authority. You will also get an advantage over your competitors since most people will choose you first.

What’s the cost of Google My Business Optimization?

The next question is probably about whether one has to pay for the Google places optimization service. A resounding no is the answer. The service is free from Google and you can optimize your listing on your own. However, the task requires some expertise and dedication of time and that is why there are experts who offer this service for a fee. You can rely on them for a perfect job of optimizing Google places for your website.

As you handle your business the best way you know how, let us worry about technical tasks such as Google My Business optimization. Our professionalism will make sure your website is website is at the top of local searches. This will attract more traffic and improve your conversion which means more sales.